Custom Design Summary

Product Description

Advanced Rail Electronics offers a customised system solution working closely to design and solve the requirements interfacing the system architecture and the pitfalls of train power supply, conditions and the harsh environments. With our team of engineers and 20 years rail experience and factoring in the different regulatory considerations the final solution can be delivered on time.

Advanced Rail Electronics’ compact and light-weight designs allow system integrators and manufacturers to optimise the available space within a locomotive.  Our products operate at high switching frequencies which avoid bulky transformers and capacitors.  Our designs also pay special attention to the rough environments and high operating temperatures experienced by railway products worldwide.

We are experienced with designing for shock and vibration and EMC.  We know each locomotive system is unique and must have its own optimized  solution.

We are nimble and willing to work with unique design requirements that other larger companies may not be able to deliver a quick and efficient solution. We know that every locomotive is different and we are ready to design a solution that works for you.

Project Examples

  • Air Conditioning Power Systems
  • Brake Compressor Power Systems

Projects Using These Product

  • GE Energy