Advance Rail Electronics (ARE) specialises in design and manufacturing power electronic products and systems for the rail industry. Our primary products are battery chargers and sinusoidal inverters. We have supplied equipment to the US, China, Egypt, Hong Kong,  Thailand and Australia to name a few.

Smart Battery Chargers – ARE’s unique smart battery charger delivers significant improvement in battery life to protect your investment.  Our charger looks after the health of the batteries so as not to overcharge and damage them.  It does so by dynamically controlling the battery charger’s voltage and current whilst considering the battery’s temperature.

Lightweight and rugged design – ARE’s compact and light weight designs allow manufacturers and system integrators to make more efficient use of space within the locomotive. Our products operate at high switching frequencies which avoid bulky transformers and capacitors.  Our designs also pay special attention to the rough environments and high operating temperatures experienced by railway products worldwide.  We have experience in designing for shock and vibration and EMC.

Inverters – ARE’s 4kW inverters are used to convert DC power to AC power.  This is essential on a locomotive to power items such as  lights, computers, kettles or a typical microwaves oven.   ARE’s 4kW inverter is light weight, robust, compact and is maintenance free.  ARE can also design  motor start inverters for brake and air conditioner compressors.

Custom Design – ARE has a design team of engineers with extensive experience in power electronic engineering. We customise our range of products to suit your requirements and work through your specifications with you from concept to production. We appreciate and provide for the fact that every locomotive is different and ‘off the shelf’ products rarely meet your needs. We have experience in designing for many different voltages and power levels for both onboard and trackside.

Advanced Rail Electronics is an AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Accredited company. Our systems and processes are subject to continual improvement and regular independent audits.

We are focused on providing our Customers with continued excellent service through engineering support and product reliability.  We take pride in our products being delivered on time and fit for purpose.

Please contact us at anytime to discuss your needs.