Battery Chargers

Batteries on diesel driven locomotives (DMUs) are used to start the engines and supply power for the switch gear, pantograph, air conditioning and emergency backup.

Advanced Rail Electronics’ unique smart battery charger delivers significant improvement in battery life to protect your investment.  Our charger looks after the health of the batteries so as not to overcharge and damage them.  It does so by dynamically controlling the charger’s voltage and current whilst considering the battery’s temperature according to the Transport for NSW Standard T HR RS 10001 ST (IUIU).  Advanced Rail Electronics has chargers for Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries.  Our chargers are suitable for use on passenger and freight rolling stock, as well as wayside and can be custom mounted to suit your application.

Advanced Rail Electronics’ compact and light-weight designs allow system integrators and manufacturers to optimise the available space within a locomotive.  Our products operate at high switching frequencies which avoid bulky transformers and capacitors.  Our designs also pay special attention to the rough environments and high operating temperatures experienced by railway products worldwide.  We are experienced with designing for shock and vibration and EMC.  We know each locomotive system is unique and must have its own optimized  solution.